Sunday, April 16, 2006

the broad-leafed-boy can’t eclipse my story

I often experience anxiety when I lose perspective on the relative importance of the narratives in my life. I am apt of inflate a minor narrative at the expense of a major one. Or I forget what tasks belong to which narratives.

I know I am speaking abstractly here, but heck, this is my blog, and sometimes abstractions are necessary for me to handle details. I like broad categories, universal stories, collective symbols. And, yes, I like metanarratives.

Little stories are sometimes very addictive. Like the story of the broad-leafed-boy and his river. It's a good story and I want to write it. But I forget the story of the amber-colored-girl with the baby in her arms and that what she needs is some movement.

forward and up


Anonymous said...

I like the diagram! Have you read The Little Prince lately?

Anonymous said...

Re: "Lucy's sister"
It's kind of funny considering Lucy's sister really does have a sister named Lucy. Did you think of that, Lucy? In any case, I'm quite flattered to be called your sister, and fine with the link. Maybe I'll start posting again.

Lucy said...

I read *The Little Prince* for the third time about a year ago. I cried but was happy afterward.