Thursday, May 04, 2006

to those who think
I should come out of the closet

Alright, alright. My name isn't Lucy.

I'm not really trying to hide from those of you I know and love. I'm hiding from: 1) those black-clad students for whom I'd rather remain the anonymous woman who flits by classes with a mug of tea and a package of proofs, 2) guys I date. Both categories, particularly the latter, are apt to google me.

If I feel like writing about the guys I date (which, to be honest, I should do more often--write, not date) or the odd happenings on this little broad-lawned and belled campus, I just want to do so without trepidation.

To the rest of you: I love you unreservedly. And more so if you comment.


Red said...

That photo is gorgeous! Very mysterious and alluring. Love your blog and I like that you are doing it semi-anonymously. Keep those weirdos away from your private space. I mean the trees are already listening so why let anyone else in that wasn't invited! (Except me, of course)

Lucy said...

This just makes me love you all the more! Flattery always does the trick.

(Jenny told me you were listening in)

Charlie Brown said...

Ah, someone I know has "fluid" movements. Well, that's seems to be open, out-of-the-closet stuff. I know I enjoy my time with you.
Charlie Brown