Wednesday, May 10, 2006

whining (this post will bore you)

The sun is slanting down at me to Explosions in the Sky. Three thousand miles away Michelle makes a move on our tight online scrabble board. Still a good twenty points behind, my tray has three letters left—V Q N. I am waiting for a call from Chicago, but instead a call comes from next door. I've left my keys there.

So, yes, I've had a crappy week, it's only Wednesday. I can blame it on bad dreams, lack of exercise, US immigration policy, my still unrefunded tax refund, being sick over the weekend, my messy desk, boredom, an small but increasing pile of bills, a belly (yes, mine) that I suspect is horribly oversized, Posluns' tiresome lack of sympathy, dinner in the presence of the Dark and Unhappy One on Sunday night, an email I haven't returned to my Mum. Any of these, or others not listed, will do.

Oh, what a whiner I am. So (don't tell Charlie Brown) I really just think I need a new job.

And afterall, it's only Wednesday. And I am going jogging in Bronxville tonight.


Nostalgia said...

Though... What "a litte wonderful thing" this whiner is!
And stop whining! Look where it's taking you! You are making redicu l o u s e mistakes: "an small but increasing pile"...

Charlie Brown said...

Ah, the white in the orange peel...not unlike the white tissue below our cortex, sort of pre-faith but not unfaith, pre-conscious but not unconscious. For me, the secret is to hang on to the flame of faith, amidst the turmoil of my constant, tumuluous thoughts.
Charlie Brown