Saturday, June 10, 2006

my brother's sunporch

We fly back to NYC today.

I slept on my brother's open-air sunporch and woke to someone yelling my name repeatedly in the alley. It took me some time to realize they weren't trying to wake me, but calling to an errant pet.

The end of vacations are opportunities to take new places home with me. And besides the roads and skies and mountians, I will take this golden open-air porch home. It is littered with pillows, books, ashtrays, and laptops. It is home to a bike, a comfortable hide-a-bed couch and a cozy green chair.

Now when I talk to my brother on the phone I will see him here, surrounded by books, open window frames, and three large Sumac trees.

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Julia said...

Whoa. I fell WAY behind on my own blog and on checking yours, so I'm just now seeing all these lovely vacation pictures, but I'm so glad you posted them! They're beautiful. I personally like the miniature Veronika-on-the-shoulder souvenir. Do I have to travel west to get one of those or can I just buy one online? I'm also glad that our soon-to-be-banished-to-her-Muscovite-tower-friend got to see America before she flies away.