Tuesday, August 08, 2006

piracy and other ways to halt the apocalypse

OK. So there are other ways to look at the situation.

To find them I had to look no further than the postings on my friends blogs. For example, it was pointed out that our situation could be worse: the rapture index for September 24, 2001 was 182, significantly higher than our present rating of merely 158. I note that the rapture index includes scores for ecumenism, the peace process, civil rights, liberalism, and Russia ("Gog") in its calculation of, well, the rapture. (I don't want to know the way in which "civil rights" is rated. Do more or less lynchings cause the index to go up?)

My godbrother posted a chart (above) suggesting an increase in pirates may reduce global warming. The chart's creator(s)--besides fighting global warming via piracy, also endorse a church dedicated to a flying spaghetti monster. Not surprisingly, the site hails from Portland, Oregon (home also to the 24 hour church of Elvis).

On an entirely more reasonable note, Julia's blog has a link to sanity in the form of an article about the book of Revelation written by Mike Azar.


Julia said...

Before you decide to do something dramatic, like take up permanent residence in international waters, you should consider those of your readers who are still waiting to hear if you ever purchased a bicycle.

Latifolious said...

I read Azar's article and sent it to a friend. Thanks, Julia.