Tuesday, December 19, 2006

a canine companion to the godhead

I've been color-correcting and retouching icons of the Hospitality of Abraham all day. That and drinking tea and making a mental list of Christmas presents left to buy. It's dark now, and coldish outside. I have a freelance project to complete tonight and a trip to Apple Farm for Christmas sopresata.

I'm uploading my favorite of the day's icons. What is lounging under Abraham's table? Did the Trinity bring along a canine companion? Or perhaps Abraham and Sarah had a dog? I suppose, really, that it's a ram (although it doesn't look one bit like a one). One or two other hospitality icons have rams in them, foreshadowing the sacrifice of Isaac and ultimately Christ. But I prefer to think this one is a dog, and he's just lounging there with the godhead.

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