Monday, February 26, 2007

an almond in my imminent domain

A number of young trees along the Bronx River Parkway are marked for removal, orange flags flapping in the wintry air. Red and I were pondering this--how apt for the lenten season that these trees wore scarlet scarfs foretelling their death in the spring. Then she noted that I too was wearing an orange scarf. Ominous (I suppose). It was quiet in the car for a moment while I was mentally composing a sober lenten post entitled marked for death when Red said, "It's an almond in your imminent domain." I had no idea what she was talking about.

What she meant to say was, "It's an omen for your imminent demise." Lent or no lent, I really prefer that almond, thank you.


Julia said...

It all correlates visually: snow/hat, coat/tree bark, scarf/ribbon. Hmm...I vote for omen, not almond, but let's just say it will be some sort of spiritual, not physical, death, followed by a resurrection, of course.

Ser said...

So did you just hear wrong, or did she say the wrong words? Because if she actually said the wrong words, that would make me think of myself. I seem to have more crossed wires in my head than I am comfortable with these days, thank you very much.

And you don't look near your demise in the picture--you look amused and happy.

Lucy said...

I think it was a mixture of the two. I think she actually said "it an omen for you imminent domian" and I heard the "almond in" (I had been calling the olives "almonds" at lunch).

The funny thing about it is it took about 15 minutes to figure out what she had actally said and why. I have a high tolerance for incomprehensible conversatioin.