Thursday, February 08, 2007

not to mention a coach made from a pumpkin

I don't know about you, but I associate ballgowns with amiable woodland creatures. Now the ball is tomorrow, and I have a ballgown, bronze beaded slippers, a glittery wrap, a hair appointment, and princes and princesses by the dozen. But so far no woodland creatures have arrived with succor. I only require a sparrow or two, perhaps a chipmunk, a friendly badger?

All the ball preparations have left my bedroom & bath in shambles--discarded shawls, sparkly hosiery and velvet heels litter the floor. Sigh. The woodland creatures would whip the place into shape in no time, while I'd sing and admire myself in the mirror.


Anonymous said...

This is your little kitchen mouse checking in to let you know there is a point after all, so there is no need to be so dramatic. I'm doing my best to clean up your messes but, lets face it, they are a bit overwhelming for one little mouse. but, you are making yummy food and I like watching your glittery feet go by.

Lucy said...

Well, sweetie, I guess it is too much to ask of one little mouse: laundry, bathroom and kitchen floor duty. By the way, I dropped lots of carrots between the oven and the counter if you get hungry. Let me know if you come across any amicable badgers who like housework.

oxoxo, Sparkly feet!!!