Friday, May 18, 2007

post joan didion

I use this blog to make sense of things. To acknowledge the beauty in the inexplicable and confusing events of my life, to piece together a narrative thread that is my own. And sometimes things are more pieces than threads.

And when things are more pieces I find myself drawn to the beauty of less literate pursuits--of art, photography, poetry. More show and less tell. Visual art requires less mind and more intuition, which comes in handy when my mind had nothing to say for itself but "check back in a few weeks."

I took the photo of Rachel above after we went to see the depressing Year of Magical Thinking monologue on Broadway last week. We were both in poor spirits afterwards, and headed back to the train tired. Before we got on Metro North I stood and held out my cell phone to get a shot of us post-magical-thinking, and managed to capture this gentle image of Rachel looking down. It has to be one of my favorite shots of her (and as those of you who peruse my flickr site know, she's been my model most of the last year).

It is a challenge to write anything to sum up an evening, or even a week, better than this image.

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