Monday, February 08, 2010

Friends are delightful. I think I should get some.

I have been experimenting with having an online sketchbook, but now that I've had it up for a few months, it seems unnecessary. I might as well just put all the words and the images in the same place. Did this sketch after dinner tonight, put on water for tea and forgot about it because I got so involved in the colors.

I was all despairing this morning, and stayed that way until Jenny woke up in Hawaii and called me. Friends are delightful. I think I should get a few more of them, at least local ones. Here is my advertisement for local friends:
Mid-thirties SoHa MWF with 18 MO son seeks like for friendship, support, shopping, and occasional CC swapping. Prefer bookish and/or artsy, spiritually-inclined (tho not particularly toward Islam), with laid-back style. Don't have energy for helicopter-parenting or much advice-giving. Near 2, 3, C, B trains and two lovely playgrounds.

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