Wednesday, April 07, 2010

what falls within my circle: to dream, and to collect

Charles and I have been talking about moving for awhile. We attend open houses, and every once in awhile I fall in love. Shortly thereafter I become frustrated we can't buy, and wish I'd never seen the place at all. It seems that we must keep waiting--for what exact moment I'm not sure: for the market to fall lower, for the enigmatic financial equation in Charles' head to achieve equilibrium, for there to be a burning incentive besides the smitten look in my eyes.

In our searches in New York City, I've become attached to a neighborhood on the North tip of Manhattan called Hudson Heights. It is full old buildings, playgrounds, a park with a medieval Museum (the Cloisters), a good public school, and views of the Hudson river and George Washington Bridge. But once again, I must maintain my composure. While I may want to proclaim my love for my new neighborhood, it is quite possible we'll never live there. I asked Charles the other day for the percentage of likelihood we would move to Hudson Heights. He said, "Uh, fifty-percent?" This wasn't what I was looking for, "Hmmmphf, I was thinking eighty percent would be more like it."

Sigh. So, instead I dream. I imagine up a future home. What I cannot have, I can nonetheless think about. And I can think about how I'd decorate it. This falls safely within my Coveyian "Circle of Influence," if little else does.

I find myself perusing the design blogs, particularly Scandinavian ones. I want to eschew cute and chic: the Dwell Baby catalog that arrived yesterday, for example. And avoid a gratuitous shabby chic. I want an aesthetic both functional and elegant; both grand and humble. In my mind's eye I see something older, a bit haphazard, worn at the corners. Ideally, I want the architecture (and the architectural details) to do the lion's share of the work, which leaves me with good artwork, old pottery and Scandinavian furniture. And a few bright pillows.

I share these images here because they inspire me, and also by posting them to keep them on-hand for whenever we actually buy a place and I can do something besides dream. The photos below I gathered from a few blogs in the last few days (mainly from Fine Little Day and  Decor8). Disclaimers: 1. I admit my fascination with some of these images could be the amount of space (no apartment we could afford in Manhattan would boast such emptiness), and 2. I don't entirely share the Scandinavian love of vast whiteness. Enjoy!


Bethany Patchin said...

yes, yes, yes. Scandinavian is my favorite, too. It's almost Asian in its sparseness. Works so well with children, too. (well, I like Scandinavian + some ruffles.)

Nostalgia said...

I love reading designer blogs. Among many that I enjoy following, there's a few that I check daily - and Decor8 is one of them! (Also,