Sunday, April 04, 2010

pascha weekend

It has been a busy weekend, but today--Easter Sunday--has been quiet and sunny.

Between liturgies yesterday we went to Fairway and stocked up on cheese and meat (Charles thought that hard orange cheese that looks a little like canteloupe was too expensive, but we bought it anyway for our paschal feast, and it is oh so worth it). I also painted some eggs for our pascha pail.

Today we feasted at home for brunch, had hamburgers at Duluxe on Broadway for dinner, and spent as much time between the two in Central Park.

Christ is Risen!


Nostalgia said...

Indeed He is Risen!

I feel, that someone needs to say that back.
Lucas mostly lives facebook life through me. He pointed out that I needed to be writing responses to "Christ is Risen". I said that it feels silly to respond the same thing to every single person on FB. Lucas: "But last night in Church you did! Probably 16 times to the same person." (He meant to the priests, who go around with incense).

Julia said...

I love Veronika's comment here. So true, we shouldn't get tired of repeating it.

Amber, it's funny that you mention the price of the cheese. I also had a moment of anxiety while picking out cheeses for our Pascha basket, then decided quickly to ignore that voice in my head and pick whichever ones I wanted.

Indeed He is Risen!

And that Ike is such a cutie pie.

amber said...

And I'm so glad that you responded! It never really gets old. And it's a feast, afterall, of every kind.