Thursday, February 23, 2012

first photo friday--any lovely photo will do
next friday: yellow!

bedtime by ambery
for hours by ambery
to stretch by ambery

This is my first photo Friday post--I hope to do one each week. I didn't get around to taking the photos until last night, so these first entries are of a predictable subject: a reluctant-to-sleep three-year-old who was more than willing to pose if it meant he'd be able to stay up.

I hope to have a very broad and memorable theme each week, like a color or a mood. So next Friday, how about: yellow. If you want to participate and have a theme you'd like to photograph, just let me know. I'd be thrilled to get a suggestion.

If you wish to link your photo Friday post here (I'm only really expecting Julia), please use the link form below. I hope to create a group posting with one photo from each blog linked. This post probably won't go up until the weekend. We'll see how the project reveals itself in time.


Manuela said...

Hi Amber,

Julia told me about the project and I would love to participate.
I also like the idea of a broad theme each week.
Thanks for starting this.

amber said...

Manuela, so glad you want to participate! If you have any ideas for themes, let me know.

Julia said...

Nice photos, Amber. It looks like you are having much better success with the twilight turtle than I did.

amber said...

Julia, I'm looking forward to the lemony building! And as you can see, Twilight Turtle has become a part of our family, however she doesn't seem to come with a close connection to actually going to sleep.