Thursday, March 29, 2012

photo friday: shadow diptychs

All the photos in these diptychs were taken with my iphone while walking in my neighborhood this week. The scenes look more wintry than is fair--it's been a very lovely Spring and flowers are blooming everywhere.

In other humdrum news, I finally finished one of the more complicated dresses I've been sewing for Genevieve. It's very green. Photos of the dress, and other clothes I've made, will hopefully be up soon--with or without children in them.

We've also been informed that due to a high demand for kindergarten spaces, the preK program is being cut next year at the school across the street. So there goes my having to worry about whether to send Ike there. My neighbor has been hosting a small Waldorf co-op preschool in her apartment once a week, where Ike and four other 3-year-olds sing songs, make bread or soup, followed by an hour or more of outdoor play. The moms have been talking about renting a classroom at the Catholic high school (also across the street but in a Northern direction) for next year. Perhaps now we have more reason to make it work.

See, this is all very humdrum. I could write some of my more lengthy reflections on introversion, but really, I don't want to. I just want to get back to my sewing.

And I'm looking forward to Julia's diptychs, and any other shadow photos or diptychs posted. Next week I want to try: shooting up, that is, pointing the camera in an upwards direction (as opposed to other sorts of shooting up). This will not be an easy assignment for me, as I don't really like looking up to take photos.

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Jenny Schroedel said...

Oh Amber,

These are so interesting. I like how they fit together like pieces of an Alice in Wonderland jigsaw puzzle. I think the second is my favorite, although I also love the top in the first, a very subtle matching.