Friday, March 09, 2012

photo friday: silver

Almost two weeks into Lent, already. And it's been a good week, a week of silver linings. We're not as sick, for one. The children played without fighting for almost an hour yesterday afternoon--a hopeful sign that they might not be natural born enemies, as I was coming to think. It was also unseasonably warm yesterday, I went outside without a coat. Our new nanny is working out splendidly, and she made blueberry madeleines on Tuesday and apple upside down cake yesterday, not to mention that she sings beautifully as she works. Ike has been sleeping in his own room all night for almost two weeks now, and Genevieve has consigned herself to falling asleep without a bottle.

Spurred on by another Robert Johnson book, Inner Work, my renewed experiments with dream interpretation have been incredibly rewarding. I picked up my dream journal from 2005, and found my old dreams have grown in meaning over the years. I also stumbled upon a very satisfying set of symbols in a current dream that give closure to a past relationship. It's a little like attending a very intimate literature seminar with myself. I won't launch into a dream interpretation session here, but I cannot promise I won't ever succumb to urge to in the future.

And as for next photo Friday--well, what about that color between blue and green? Bluish-green, or greenish-blue. Teal, aqua, robin's egg, turquoise? The color of the wall in my bedroom.


Manuela said...

I have to say, I am in love with these photos. Beautiful silver with some warmth to it.
I especially love the last one.

A M B E R said...

Thanks, Manuela!