Friday, May 11, 2012

photo friday: tiny things

© 2012 by Amber Schley Iragui
© 2012 by Amber Schley Iragui
© 2012 by Amber Schley Iragui


Molly Sabourin said...

Amber, I so look forward to seeing your photographic translations of these different themes. They are delightful, truly. This was a fun collection - beautifully lit and whimsical.

Mark Janssen said...

Dead cockroaches are one of my favorite things, but they do not photograph well. The blue beetle substitutes nicely.

Manuela said...

I LOVE those little cups in the last picture, and of course the photo itself. The large blue beetle fits perfectly.
Nice collection of this weeks visual journey.

Kate T. said...

If I were a cockroach, I would be intimidated by that beetle. Excited for next week!

Jenny Schroedel said...

This is awesome, and I just love that you wrote your list by hand. Unfortunately, I had a run-in with a roach, and it was not tiny, but tropical-sized, and while I was whacking it with a broom it broke apart and its head went flying through the air and hit my shirt. ARGGG!