Friday, June 01, 2012

photo friday: evening light

© 2012 Amber Schley Iragui
© 2012 Amber Schley Iragui

© 2011 Amber Schley Iragui

My challenge with shooting evening light: I am almost never out of the house at this time of day! As much as I love the mysterious glow of twilight, I am inevitably putting my children to sleep or doing dishes while the last bit of sun has its way with the landscape. Looking back through my photos I found that most evening shots date back at least to 2008, before Ike was born, while more recent ones were taken on road trips or vacations. For today's post I put together a few photos that are more late-afternoonish. However, on Wednesday I posted a beautiful shot and a poem here, both tributes to evening light. That marvelous sky was taken just after sunset as we arrived in Barbados a few years ago.

Next week's photo Friday theme is black and white. You can interpret that any way you'd like.


Molly Sabourin said...

The lavender tones in these three shots are so, so lovely. You show a skillful restraint in your photography that I admire a great deal. Beautiful work, Amber!

Marfa said...

With the sun being out longer and setting closer to 9pm, my evening photos appear quite bright, actually...I hope you will do another "evening light" theme as the days are shorter, maybe in November?

Manuela said...

Beautiful diptych once again. At first I did not realize that it was one and I stared at it for a while to figure out what was going on. Well done.
The last one looks like a beautiful painting.

I agree with the challenge of shooting in the evening.Every time the lighting gets beautiful, I look outside and long to just drive or walk around with my camera. Most of the time, I can't. It's the busiest time of the day with kids.

Kate said...

I had similar difficulties with getting recent twilight shots. The light here has been holding on until quite late, almost ten - I love it, but I'm less willing and able to get out in it.

I love how dark the sky is next to the fluffy white clouds in the book (I think it's a book?). A little night.

Mark Janssen said...

It seems I was not alone. It was hard to get out in the warm end-of-day light when shadows and saturations are muted. And, at least at my latitude in Southern California, that quality light lasts for only a few minutes.

On the day I took the photos I posted I drovethe half mile to UCLA. The light was fantastic when I got there. By the time I found a place to park it was dark.

I like the tension between the green plants and the background surreal city.