Friday, June 15, 2012

photo friday : true blue

Blue. Blue is pragmatic, ubiquitous, utilitarian. The color of recycling bins and bicycles, scaffolding beams and wheelbarrows, umbrellas, uniforms, business mens' suits. The signage of grocery stores and banks is broadcast in blue. Postal boxes, vinyl tarps, sandbags, dumpsters, blue, blue, blue. Denim is blue, the sky is blue. Everywhere I look there is blue. But to my whimsically-trained eye: too often uninspiringly so.

This week I bought a blue dress, four blue mugs, and a blue car. Our lovely cherry-red car is being traded in for a newer model and after looking at the banal color choices available (must there be so many silver, black or burgundy cars?) I selected the "graphite blue." Which of course was not available on the lot and had to be shipped in from somewhere else, adding an extra cost. Blue was my non-negotiable stipulation.

Next week's photo Friday theme: wood.


Molly Sabourin said...

OK, so first of all, I savored your first paragraph. And your photos represent perfectly the other kind of blue that is whimsical and unexpected. I too have a bright blue dress. It's really out of my earthy colors comfort zone but makes me feel daring and lively when I wear it. I love the balloons on the fire escape (I'm guessing its a fire escape) - a very cool mixture of festivity and utilitarianism.

Julia said...

Those cheapo doll strollers are truly hazardous to the safety of all dolls everywhere. : )

I love your observations about blue and I agree. I tend to ignore this shade of of blue because it is so often found in utilitarian things. The theme this week made me walk around noticing things I wouldn't normally: the blue Ikea bag, the blue shirts on the army of staff members in a Mac store, an old blue framed sign I saw in a building that said, "G.O.D.- Good Orderly Direction." All of it felt like it was somehow meant for me to see this week, but I was too frazzled with moving to take photos of any of it.

Anyway, I too like best the photo of the deflated balloon attached to the blue balcony (?).

Veronika said...

I love blue. For many years since I was little it was my favorite color. When I used to paint, I would not do without cerulean blue. (For some reason in Russian it's cerulium (tse-roo-lium) and sounded really good to me). I have a few more colors I love now.
I enjoyed so much looking at these picture. Is that blue - your new dress? Looks so nice.
(Also, just a couple of days ago I found out that the reason for FB being in white and blue is because the Mark Z. is color blind and he cannot see red and green. I think it's a curious fact.)

Mark Janssen said...

I have always had a blind spot for dark blues. It may be attitudinal rather than physiologic. But even when I care about dark blue vs black, it is hard to be sure which is which. So given a theme of TRUE BLUE I needed help. Fortunately, my wife has a great eye for color, and considerable patience.

The blue ceramic image is lovely. And I am sure I would like the car.

Marfa said...

♥ That is a lovely blue pitcher with peonies! Our peonies bloomed last month.