Thursday, August 09, 2012

photo friday: contrasts, old and new

So I didn't really prepare that well for this week's photo Friday. I didn't have a computer with me on vacation, and so no time was spent sitting around downloading images and messing with them in PhotoShop (what I usually do when I have extra time on my hands). So for today's post I ended up using my scanner as a camera this evening and patching together a few contrasts. The first is pretty obvious--Ike's hand and my hand. The second is made up of two beautifully designed books—one old and one new: an elegantly letterpress printed edition of Charles Lamb's Roast Pig and Other Essays published by Peter Pauper Press (strangely there is no date of publication inside); the second is Michael Pollan's Food Rules illustrated by my much admired Maira Kalman and published by Penguin last year.

I made a few others contrast diptychs, but they were too weak to include (and too late for me to stay up and tinker!). 

Next week's theme was suggested by my dear friend Jenny. She loved the idea of Isaiah's "sad place" and thought we could use it for a photo Friday theme. I like the idea too. (You can read more about the "sad place" here.) So, for next week the theme is "the sad place"—and, as usual, you can interpret that any way you want.


Molly Sabourin said...

I love your diptychs! I was looking forward to this post and was not disappointed. You do contrasts very artistically - very well. And I was so moved by your last entry. Keep that map forever. Thanks for inpsiring me, Amber! : )

Marfa said...

Great idea of having an adjective (non color, but still visual) to describe a photo or blog post theme!!! ♥ Let's do it again. Something like "loud" or "gentle"?