Friday, October 26, 2012

photo friday: bright

When looking through my photos for inspiration as to shooting bright, I noticed that my brightest photos were of my daughter. I generally dress her with as much color as I can put together "without looking like a Christmas tree" (as Veronika once said of my own clothing choices). These photos were all taken this week, on various outings around our neighborhood, and Genevieve was usually more than happy to pose. The last photo was taken on my last attempted shoot, by which time Genevieve had gotten tired of standing against walls; she wouldn't stay put for one second. Here she is running toward me brightly, lips puckered, hoping for a kiss.

P O S T   S C R I P T
For those of you interested in the fashion details: 1) Yellow calico raincoat, hand-me-down from Lola Jane; blue Acoustic Kids dress; yellow leggings present from Grandma Ellen; Oilily socks (via ebay); green crocs hand-me-down from Ike; chicken toy bought at an antique store in New Jersey.
2) Mini Boden dress and cardigan, Wooden Button necklace made by me in our booth at the Harvest Festival, Kiwi leggings, See Kai Run boots.
3) Gap dress (ebay); hand-me-down white cardigan; Egg long-sleeve tee; See Kai Run mary janes; handknit hat a present from Jenny. 4) Room Seven cardigan, apron dress made by me from fabric from Amy Butler's new cameo line; Jefferies footless leggings, boots hand-me-down from Ike. 5) Oilily dress (ebay); Mini Boden cardigan, Tea leggings, See Kai Run boots; bracelet found by her brother on the sidewalk. 6) Oilily jacket (ebay), Egg long-sleeve tee, peasant blouse made by me.


Molly Sabourin said...

Oh my heart, your daughter is precious, and photogenic! I wish, I wish I could pull off her colorful ensembles. This is a wonderful set of images - what a neat idea!

Mark Janssen said...

The tension between hope, expectation, and anticipation makes me anxious, uncomfortable, in most situations, but I think I know how this one comes out.

The whole is beautiful and heartbreaking, in a good way.

How wonderful!

Manuela said...

She is adorable. I love the way you dress her. The second to last on is my favorite. Very bright, indeed.

Jenny Schroedel said...

Love these sunny photos!

Veronika said...

So bright and so cute!
Thank you for all the fashion details indeed - that was to answer my question and preventing me from calling you, I'm sure. :)
It's also inspiring to take more pictures of my girls - they would be not that wonderfully and fashionably dressed, but at least for memories.
Also, when L saw a pre-view picture of G in the scarf he said: "She is dressed like Amber!" - and I agreed. :)