Friday, October 05, 2012

photo friday: cold

So the surprising thing is that I have anything up for this Photo Friday. It's been such a busy week, again, and photography was not top on my to-do list. Add to this that it's been anything but cold here. When I chose cold as a theme I was imagining a few crisp Autumny days where I could see my breath in the morning and might don a scarf or coat. In reality, it's been hot and gray and wet. The air is as thick and still as pea soup.
To post anything resembling cold I've had to look back through my archives of past winters. And so, in anticipation that it might turn cold sometime in the future, I present these cold shots.


Molly Sabourin said...

I too was waiting for the weather to cooperate, Amber (which it never did). I wanted to capture the blue/greyness of cold skies, like you have so beautifully in the photos you posted. I like the textures of them - the screen, the snow on the glass, the trees and bricks. And I love everything about your little one behind the tree.

Mark Janssen said...

The boats in the snowy woods, and the ice on the window, are beautiful. I really like the boats, trees, and sky.