Friday, January 04, 2013

photo friday: light

© Amber Schley Iragui, shade and bottles

© 2010 Amber Schley Iragui, light between buildings
© 2012 Amber Schley Iragui, metropolitian musuem of art, NYC
Four days into the new year.

The first day of 2013 I made a list of things to do. Not resolutions mind you, things like "make dentist appointment" and "buy happier hen book for J" and a slightly guilt-produced "potty training!" Then I got sick, and all I've done since is update my pinterest boards. That and take down the Christmas tree.
Our Super decided to take the tenants' Christmas tree disposal in hand. I called to schedule its removal and, to my surprise, he arrived with an industrial-sized roll of saran wrap to swaddle the tree. He bent its prickly branches up in a cocoon of of plastic and dry needles. In my amazement I forgot to ask whether he planned on removing the plastic when he put the trees out for pickup—I imagine a plastic-wrapped tree isn't likely to be recycled. He, however, asked why such a large tree, and why a live one? He recommends fake: cheaper, less mess.

But our apartment now seems much larger, an empty space in place all that twinkling. I've been burning candles to keep the cheer. Which brings us to light, the subject of today's Photo Friday. Outdoors has not been much inspiration, I admit: when it isn't snowing or gusting, it's been very cold and gray. Little sunlight here and there, but not the kind of weather for someone with sniffles to hang about in, waiting for the clouds to move off. So these photos are old.

I have other things to say. Things about resolutions I think I should make. Like eating more greens. Or doing a sketch a day. Less grouching at and threatening of the 4-year-old. My mind has been full of things that I could blog about, but now that I'm here my thoughts are all blankish. I want a new camera, but that is not a resolution.

So: Happy posting, Happy New Year, happy, happy.


Manuela said...

Old or not, they are beautiful. Perfect for the start of the year, I think. Happy New Year to you, Amber. I hope that you can get your new camera, even if it is not a resolution.

Julia said...

This post has a sort of post-holiday feel to it. I always love your honesty and way of staying true to the details of where you are. The holidays are so nice but I am also glad to return to routine life again and somehow looking forward to the ordinary ritual of photo Friday is part of that for me.