Friday, February 15, 2013

oops! photo friday: orange

So, well, I think I'd better put Photo Friday on hiatus for awhile. I totally forgot about it today and only now, midday, did it occur to me it was Friday. Ike is sick, and I'm off to the doctor with him in less than an hour. And Genevieve is also sick, I was with her at the doctor yesterday. Charles, too, has come down with something. I am the holdout.

Besides all the sickness, there have been other dramas to try my patience and wisdom. Not the kinds of things to blog about now. But there are also some lovely things to share—the heart necklaces Ike and I made for his classmates on Valentines, the coffee & muffin ritual Genevieve and I share at Buunni Cafe, Genevieve's new haircut (so cute with a bow), and Anely. Anely—our nanny of five months—is superb. I've had such problems with nannies in the past. Anely is truly a delight to have in my home.

So I will reopen Photo Friday in the summer, when I hopefully have enough time to pay it proper attention.


Mark Janssen said...

Good idea, to take a few months off. You need fewer deadlines. Hope the school (and everything) is copesthetic, and that the various illnesses resolve soon. A good nany has got to help. Priceless. BTW, Charlotte has a new hair cut, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi and I'm so sorry for the hard day! Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Susan