Saturday, January 24, 2015

look down, shoot feet
2007 – present

Lens cast down—a glimpse of coat or skirt, shod feet, an expanse of sidewalk. I shoot this way habitually, as a way of passing through space with a camera. A modest way to capture beauty without making a production of a posed shot, or requiring that others stop and smile. Simply using what I have on hand (or foot). Over time I have collected quite a few of these shots, a few of which are shown here.

Most of these were culled from my album, Looking Down on Flickr:

With Rachel, walking to Union Seminary, red China flats; Manhattan, 2007.

Inside the new location of St Mary Magdelen's, then under construction; Manhattan, 2007.
Kitty litter, blue coat, brown leather boots; Crestwood, 2007. I was single and had time to shoot things like kitty litter.

In Oregon for my mom's wedding; Arch Cape, Oregon, 2007.

Pregnant with Isaiah; Manhattan, 2008. Things are about to change.

Now little feet show up in my looking down photos; Barbados, winter 2009.

And the things that come with little feet. Like peacock feet and gray play doh. Manhattan, 2011.

Shooting down is also a way to distance myself from the urgency of tears and tantrums. Traveling while pregnant with Genevieve. Just a hint of the sturdy sandals we bought in Germany; France, 2010.

At the playground with Genevieve, beaded flip-flops; Upper Manhattan, 2011.

My favorite green flats. Fort Tryon Park, Upper Manhattan, 2011.
Sometimes my feet are still unaccompanied, here contemplating a snarl of sea-litter on the shore of Barbados, 2009.

Or picking rosehips. Forest Beach, Cape Cod, 2011

Beside our favorite stream. Arch Cape, Oregon, 2014.

Here I am hardly alone—at my Mom's home in Olympia, Washington, 2010.

Enjoying a soak in a Japanese furo, accompanied by my best friend. Volcano Rain Forest Retreat, the Big Island, Hawaii, 2011.

Favorite green flats again. Wave Hill, Bronx, New York. 2012.

Sometimes the shots are accidental. Hudson Heights, NY, 2012.

And some are posed. Cabrini Blvd in spring, with Genevieve, fox rain boots; Upper Manhattan 2013.
Date night on the High Line, Manhattan, 2013.

At home in Hudson Heights, Manhattan, 2012.

In Japan to see the Gallahers, with Charles and my first pair of Frye boots. Kyoto, November, 2014

Earlier today waiting for brunch, with Genevieve and chalk. Portland, 2015.


Veronika said...

Amber, this is a set of so much color of your life. I looked through it on one breath - it's amazing!

Manuela said...

Love these. Such a great collection!

Manuela said...

Love these. Such a great collection!