Friday, May 19, 2006

for the present I will stay little

I did the dishes this morning, booked tickets to Colorado, noticed that my lilacs are wilting, made coffee. I am going swing dancing tonight.

I have three posts unposted, because the words get caught in wrinkles I cannot iron out. Not this morning, at least. I am considering the things Mary (my therapist) put forward last week--particularly about personal boundaries and the idea of staying in one's own skin. And I am thinking about this boy--er, man--I'm going dancing with tonight.

Staying in my own skin. This seems both obvious and simple--at least from the perspective of physical science, but I think it is a bit of a challenge for my personality type. My mind and feelings are not confined to this body (at least they don't think they are) and are always drifting off, occasionally careening away with disturbing abandon.

But this discussion of my skin gets complicated, and I can already see the wrinkles bunching in my thoughts.

For the present I will stay little, in this glowing skin.


Lucy said...

The cute red dog illustration is by Andy Warhol. And I don't have permission to post it, so don't tell.

Rootietoot said...

I won't tell. It is cute.
Isn't it funny how, persons all over, share essentially identical DNA (give or take), yet perspectives are so different. I have trouble getting out of my skin, the house, whatever. Blogging is my therapist-mandated exercise in public bleeding. Getting out of my skin is arduous at best, and nearly impossible to do in person. Go figure. Thanks for visiting.