Wednesday, August 02, 2006

s + a/c ≠ apoc

Nietzsche wrote, "When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago." I can't say I've conquered the idea of the apocalypse, but I certainly deal with it better on a full night's sleep.

So the solution, it seems, for being attacked by thoughts of the apocalypse (not for the apocalypse itself, mind you) is sleep + air conditioning.

My co-worker kindly invited me to sleep over in her well-a/c-ed house. I slept soundly for three hours this afternoon and am now getting ready for a whole night of rest to the soft hum of the window air conditioning unit. The end of the world seems far away.


Latifolious said...

Yes, getting a good night's sleep, taking care of your health, your car, your finances... these are things to be "conquered". Conquering the idea of global warming and its apocolyptic implications, or conquering the idea of suffering in the world - I'd rather fail at that, because it sounds like apathy. But our failure to desensitize ourselves to the problems of the world can't become excuses for not taking hold of our lives and their mundane details, either.

Lucy said...

Oh, but Mr Leaves, those are the *hardest* things for me to do!