Thursday, August 23, 2007

I could use a cute watch

Lord knows timeliness is not my strength.

Time is a just a big blurry wash of moments that ideally should be spent drinking coffee, listening to music, practicing yoga, taking photographs, designing books, reading books, spending time with my friends, and kissing. Balancing my checkbook, writing business emails, sitting in dentists' waiting rooms, opening mail, getting the oil changed, and scheduling anything cramp my style. Not to mention soak up hours and hours of time I could spend fooling with images in Photoshop and reading my friends' blogs.

But my commitment to leisure has become problematic, as you can imagine. Partially because the it is difficult to relax during yoga if I'm wondering if I have enough money in my checking account to cover my most recent trip to Starbucks. It has occurred to me lately that I might enjoy yoga more, and enjoy my coffee more, if I wasn't avoiding my responsibilities to do so.

Yes, I know, roll your eyes. I am thirty-three and should have come to this conclusion long ago.

But although habits are hard to break, I'm trying. For one, I now open my mail immediately, instead of looking in askance at the thick white business envelopes and stashing them in an ever-growing pile of unopened fears. I am trying to get to work on time, regularly, and I email a friend each morning to tell her when I got in and when I leave. A friend lent me a DVD on time management, which I am actually looking forward to watching. And I'm thinking it's time I bought a watch. Or you could send me yours, if it's cute.


Bethany Torode said...

I am going through this exact process. I've been so proud about being a "non watch" person but to make progress spiritually and punctually speaking, the last week, my heart has been telling me that a watch is in order.

Target has some cute cheap ones. My favorite is on the website. I think you might like it too. Search "Dress Watch with Bracelet." Too bad it's $55. Maybe we can both justify it if we know that we are time buddies?

p.s. I loved the lesbian blog.

Bethany Torode said...

whoa, lots of bad grammer and incomplete thoughts up there, but it's late... :-)