Friday, June 22, 2012

photo friday: wood

lichen on log at Wave Hill, Bronx, NY
2012 © Amber Schley Iragui

blue wood, view from stable at Roosevelt estate, Hudson River Valley
2010 © Amber Schley Iragui

Dinner at Saggio, Hudson Heights, NYC
2012 © Amber Schley Iragui

Wooden dog bought at a antique store in Point Pleasant, NJ
2012 © Amber Schley Iragui

New wine store under construction, 187th and Cabrini, Hudson Heights, NYC
2012 © Amber Schley Iragui

All of these were taken this week, with the exception of the second photo. It was taken a few years ago in the stable at the Hudson Valley estate of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. The dog's name is Sylvie, and Isaiah kindly let me photograph her. Charles bought her for Isaiah because he is generally afraid of non-wooden dogs.

The theme of next week's photo Friday: doors and windows, entries and exits.


Molly Sabourin said...

Nice, nice, nice! I love every one of these, Amber - how you captured so many different tones and textures of wood! Just beautiful!

Mark Janssen said...

The shot of the dog is wonderful. I’ve seen (and taken) less interesting portraits of laughing babies and vivacious adults. The composition, the light, the colors, the textures… I could go on. I like but am perplexed by the image of the lichen/log. Is it an outdoor setting? The dilapidated blue wood is also really nice.

Chipboard plywood and I have too close an emotional connection and too utilitarian a relationship for an objective but esthetic response to the last image.

Doors and windows, entries and exits? Through the looking glass?

A M B E R said...

Thanks Molly!

Uncle Mark, the first shot was taken outside, on a wooden trellis/bench at Wave Hill Gardens. If you ever visit New York again, you and Auntie Chou have to put Wave Hill on your list of places to visit. It's really a beautiful place.

The chipboard awning will soon enough be a new wine store in the neighborhood, which we are all looking forward to. But I know the feeling: I cannot look at barkdust for the same reason (my father worked as a landscaper for many of my childhood years--including the time when I was homeschooled--so I have too many memories of laying barkdust to even manage to smell it without nausea). Enough said!

Through the looking glass--can't wait to see what that entails!

Marfa said...

So much variety in wood...I ♥ this one...your table is wonderful! And that dog!!!

Manuela said...

All of these are really nice. I think my favorite is number 3. I love the warmth and atmosphere.
Thanks for your comment on my blog.
I have been busy and not really been able to participate in photo friday. I am leaving here in 10 days (so exciting). And after some vacation time, we will start our new life in St. Paul, MN.