Monday, June 11, 2012

travel in the direction of your fear

"travel in the direction of your fear" –John Berryman

Once upon a time, when I was very distraught and confused (that is, more so than my normal state of being distraught and confused) I had a cup of tea. While drinking my tea I noticed that the little paper label attached to the sachet had a quote printed on it. It read, Travel in the direction of your fear. —John Berryman. I liked that. When I finished my cup of tea I put the little label into the coin pouch of my wallet. And it stayed there, getting dirty and frayed, for years and years.

I tried to do its advice many times, stretching myself to tasks and situations that I would have felt more comfortable running from. Sometimes I followed in that direction a little too far, other times I settled contentedly for the well-worn path. All in all, the little sachet label served me well.

Recently I noticed that it is no longer in my wallet. Perhaps it probably fell prey, like so many things I own, to small hands. Or maybe it finally disintegrated among the blackened pennies and useless nickels. So here it is, remade by me, to share with others. May it lead you through many rewarding, if awkward, moments.

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May said...

A good reminder, and one that I probably need to hear.