Friday, June 08, 2012

photo friday: black and white

I forgot how much fun it is to shoot in black and white. My little digital camera has B&W "film grain" setting that I used this week, and I enjoyed watching the world transformed by the absence of color. Shape and light hold all the glory.

Next week's Photo Friday theme: blue: true blue, bright blue, cobalt blue, indigo, navy blue (what I'm avoiding here is sky blue or pale and greeny blues).


Molly Sabourin said...

I love the gentle tone of your black and whites, Amber. That last maternal image I find so moving and timeless.

Mark Janssen said...

In the day when color film, processing and printing were expensive, while B&W was cheap, most non-professionals conceptualized photographs almost exclusively as shades of grey. But then color film got to be less expensive and one hour photo processing/printing led most non-artists to abandon B&W. B&W film remained cheap, but processing and printing (unless you did it yourself) became expensive. By the time decent digital cameras were affordable, a generation had grown up thinking (correctly) of B&W as exceptional, and of color as normal. I like how your B&W brings out the textures of skin, wood, leaves and fabrics.

Manuela said...

Okay, I just left a comment but I am not sure if it was saved. Just in case, I am going to write it again.

I definitely encourage you to shoot more black and white. These are wonderful, like still photographs of a movie. I also agree with Molly, that they have a gentleness and timelessness about them. The first I could easily see printed in a book.