Friday, July 06, 2012

photo friday: all things america

After posting this week's patriotic photo Friday theme, I quickly regretted it. It brought me no inspiration whatsoever. And since most of our friends left the city for the holiday, we had no plans for the Fourth to provide photographic fodder. However the day itself provided plenty of opportunities.

Charles and I had breakfast at the Greek diner in our neighborhood and the window display was, well, American, especially when paired with the discarded watermelon left by the path in the park. Later that day Charles caught Ike his first lightening bug using Genevieve's empty sippy cup, and we admired the newly opened Bennet Park, the highest point in Manhattan. It is built on the site of Fort Washington, from which the Continental Army delayed the advance of British troops in 1776—the second picture is a mosaic of images I took from the spot in the park commemorating this.

Finally, to see the fireworks, we headed up onto the George Washington Bridge. The bridge is within relatively short walking distance of us, and we got up there before sunset and watched the boats head downriver to see the Macy's fireworks. Ike was also very excited that we got to watch the trains running along the river, not to mention a number of semi-trucks loaded up with new cars cross the bridge. We also watched a lightening storm just north of us and a huge red moon rise over Manhattan. While we were not close to any one fireworks display, we could see seven or eight different ones, including those in Brooklyn, New Jersey, and up north along the Hudson. The last photo was taken of fellow Americans watching the display from the bridge: the top couple struck me as particularly "American" in that normal and nice sort of way one expects of Americans (they were also among the only people with the foresight, or perhaps just the extra storage space, to bring folding chairs); the bottom image was taken of some young men watching the fireworks. The three on the right are Orthodox Jews, probably students at Yeshiva University.

 Next week's photo Friday theme: purple.


Molly Sabourin said...

I love how you've composed these, Amber! You've such a great eye for different and compelling POVs. I can't wait until I get my camera back from the shop (next week). I miss participating in these challenges. You inspire me with your creativity!

heidiannie said...

Very patriotic- and well done.
My favorite is the composite with the watermelon and the cafe. Something about watermelon, the 4th of July and my mother sparked when I saw those photos-
thanks for sharing your vision.

Mark Janssen said...

Watermelons are so much more difficult now than it was when they all had black and white seeds for visual texture and interest. This week I kept looking for photogenic red slices, disks and segments, but I struck out. Your watermelon shot is fantastic! I like your interpretation of the theme, and love the images.

Evelina said...

If only the red shirt of the women in the last photo was striped... But they create some flag-effect with her husband anyways.