Friday, July 13, 2012

photo friday: purple

La Chéile, dinner, washington heights, NY © Amber Schley Iragui 2012
reflection in hood of blue car, washington heights, NY © Amber Schley Iragui 2012
purple coral bells in the heather gardens, manhattan, NY © Amber Schley Iragui 2012

Truth is, I don't really like purple. For example, I would never consider painting a wall of my home purple. I can't wear it, and I never buy it. But while purple itself is my least favorite color, I am nonetheless fond of some of its shades—plum, periwinkle, lavender.

I had no problem finding plenty of plum to shoot, my favorite being the top image taken during a hectic family dinner La Chéile. We are leaving for the Cape in a week and so many things need to get done prior to our departure. The house we are renting has eight twin beds and no linens. I have been scrambling around trying to find eight sets of twin sheets. Also, as the house does not have internet, I may be so off-the-grid as to shoot film for two weeks. Alas, my film camera has a broken lens; I need to get myself down to Adorama to get a new one. I am also making up a series of maps for Ike that track our progress up the shore. He has become increasingly aware of geography, and does better with lots of preparation for things like, say, the 15 minute drive into New Jersey over the George Washington Bridge. Travel makes him nervous. He is always checking with me as we walk around our neighborhood to be sure we haven't somehow (God forbid) left New York. I hope to make up a little lap-book for him with maps and photos that may give him a way to process our trip. This on top of the regular sorts of things like trips to the grocery or bank, the real work I get paid to do, and the never ending work to be done for The Wooden Button.

However, I plan on doing a Photo Friday next week anyway. Something simple, like: brown—modest, mousey brown.


Bethany Patchin said...

Have you read "Gift from the Sea" yet by Anne Morrow Lindbergh? It's the best woman-mother beach read of all time. Simple, classic, healing, grounding. You and Jenny would both like it.

Mark Janssen said...

I've wanted to visit the Cape since reading James Cook's biography as a teenager. It is suppose to be lovely at this time of year, so I expect you all will have a good visit to South Africa, even without internet access.

The purple coral bells make a pleasing image, with just the right touch of soft focus.

A M B E R said...

Hi Uncle Mark,

Yes, we'll be driving to South Africa this year. Can't wait!

(In this part of the world, the Cape is always Cape Cod!)

A M B E R said...

Bethany, yes I have read that book. I loved it, a friend's mom lent it to me because it's her favorite book. Talk about work/life balance.

I should read it again.