Thursday, August 09, 2012

coming home from cape cod,
of notebooks and journals, part one

© Margaret Iragui Le Jeune, NYC
© Margaret Iragui Le Jeune, living room, NYC
© Margaret Iragui Le Jeune, Beacon's Closet, NYC
all sketches © 2012 Margaret Iragui Le Jeune

My talented sister-in-law Margaret and her two lovely children are visiting New York from Paris for most of the month of August. They stayed in our apartment while we were away, and yesterday they headed down to Spring Lake to spend some time with Charles' mother. I haven't spent much time with Margaret in the past, but I thoroughly enjoyed her company these past few days. I am looking forward to seeing her and the kids again next week when we head down to Spring Lake ourselves.

Margaret kindly showed us some of the images she'd sketched of the city. She liked the top image here the best, and I agree that it is particularly nice. Although I admit I am partial to the drawing she did of her children lounging in our living room. The final sketch was done in the Beacon's Closest resale store while my niece shopped, it is also quite nice—those chandeliers!

There is so much to do when returning from vacation, this week has so busy I hardly know where my time has gone. Tomorrow is Friday (that is, Photo Friday!) already and I have yet to pull together my images. I also want to put up some images from the little travel book we made for Isaiah for the trip. Jenny came up with a lovely idea for next Photo Friday's theme based on something Isaiah drew in the book, so with any luck that post will soon follow—perhaps with a belated Poetry Wednesday poem.

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Anonymous said...

Love these sketches. I intend to participate again in photo friday, hopefully starting next week.

By the way, I can fully relate to all your feelings about coming home from vacation. I dread every single time.