Friday, November 30, 2012

photo friday: beginnings and endings

Beginnings and endings pile up upon each other, mostly unnoticed. Days, hours, and minutes begin and end without fanfare—the beginning of breakfast, the end of an orange, the beginning of a glass of smoothie.

Some are attention-seeking: the beginning of a wail

Some are gigantic: the end of the flagpole in Fort Tryon Park, blown over by Hurricane Sandy

Some are reassuring: the beginning of new relationships with extended family

Some are humble—the end of a persimmon 

Some happen simultaneously: the beginning and ending of a walk in the courtyard of Getty Villa

*    *    *    *    *

I'm a little slow posting today. We've been back from California two days, but I'm still disoriented by jet-lag and forgot that today was Friday! All of the photos were taken in California last week, with the exception of the blown-over flagpole at Fort Tryon Park.


Mark Janssen said...

You have a great eye.

Martha said...

Oh my...are those fresh oranges and avocados off a tree in CA? ♥

Julia said...

These photos are so stark. I especially love the first one.

When I thought of this theme I also thought about the perpetual cycle of beginnings and endings, failures and fresh starts. I really wanted to post for this theme but it was all I could do to just show up for PW. Thanks for your comment there, by the way. You're in my thoughts!