Friday, December 07, 2012

photo friday: warm colors

It was difficult to chose only these photos for warm colors, I had far too many possibilities to choose from. The persimmon in the first photo came home with us from California, and grew on a tree in Charles' aunt's yard in La CaƱada. It showed up in last week's fruit bowl in beginnings and endings. The photo of the man painting in the pink tee was taken about a month ago when Charles and I had a date downtown. I was struck how similar the two pinks were. Uncle Mark should be able to spot something fishy about the fourth photo. And finally, my son likes to embellish the rocks in his collection; I have to keep him away from my rocks.


Molly Sabourin said...

Amber how do you always manage to produce such a variety of exquisite images that somehow work together beautifully as a whole? The details in these are especially intriguing - like the cat in #2, the yellow stone, the mint green ladder, the white tag on the tree. These draw me in and invite me to stay awhile. Nicely done!

Manuela said...

Amber, I have been meaning to comment on this. Life is so busy these days, isn't? I don't like it, as I just want o sit and read and drink hot tea or a glass of wine, but alas...
I agree with Molly, the images are beautiful and always beautiful together. The details that you see are amazing. My favorite is the one with the cat. First your eyes go to the legs, but the lighting slowly leads you to the cat. It really is great.
Hope you are well, and enjoying this season.