Thursday, January 31, 2013

photo friday: sepia

© 2012 Amber Schley Iragui, bonsai
© 2012 Amber Schley Iragui, closet with child and mirror
© 2012 Amber Schley Iragui, Hudson Heights NY, before the storm
© 2012 Amber Schley Iragui, knees
What delights us in visible beauty is the invisible.
—Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach 


Manuela said...

The first two are my favorites. I love the different textures in the first, and the second one just looks like a still from a movie. I love all the details, the chair, the reflection in the mirror, and the tiny little post nap face.
Also, really like how the patterns of her pajamas stand out.

By the way, I have quite enjoyed your current obsession with pinterest. :)

I hope I can put something together today.

Also, I checked out your website. I am not sure how new it is, but I love the design of it.

Mark Janssen said...

Love the bamboo, etc., and the knees.

Lynda B said...

Amber I love the poem!

It is so how you see the world and it comes across in each and everyone of your photos. They make me pause and reflect. Your pictures are mostly peaceful and artful to me, some very funny but always a time to which I look forward.