Friday, October 25, 2013

photo friday: complicated

© 2013 Amber Schley Iragui, New Paltz, New York, complicated, windows
ey Iragui, Beacon, NY, Beacon DIA, fall, leaves, complicated
© 2013 Amber Schley Iragui, Portland, OR, porch, red, shadows, complicated

The most complicated thing in my life right now is the kindergarten and preschool pick-up & drop-off schedule. Which is both to say that my life is not truly complicated and that the pick-up & drop-off schedule is a bear. Two five-year-olds, two two-year-olds, two schools, five days, four adults and no two days, or weeks, alike. So that's, like, complicated. The most complicated thing in my home is my miscellaneous tech drawer (which I considered shooting for this week's theme, but merely peeking in the drawer brought a panic attack). That or my three messy knitting baskets... No, the tech drawer is far worse—at least I have some idea what to do with all those needles, hooks and unraveling yarn.

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