Thursday, September 20, 2007

and then there's that

When I get old and loony I plan on wearing stuffed birds in my hair. At first I'll just add a fake bird on my green Sunday hat and pretend I didn't know it was there. A year or two later I'll start affixing a fake bird to the top of a complicated up-do; my hair can get so unruly people might think I didn't notice. Matters will move from bad to worse when I start picking up dead birds and having them stuffed and then wearing those.

Meantime, I'll just stick garnish in my mouth. My mom sent me this photo from the evening before her wedding. It's clear I'm headed in the right direction.


Ser said...

The garnish matches your dress. You are so much more fashionable than I am. MY garnish would clash, I'm sure. Or make me look like an ugly mama ape.

I had a friend whose parents wouldn't let her get her nosed pierced when we were 15, so she put a flower in her nose and said she would leave it there until they agreed. This look reminds me of that. (The parents never agreed, of course.)

Red said...

I like that the flowers on the dress, the typhoon tossed trees in the background and the onion garnish are all working together in this one. I'm sure a bird of some sort - like a parrot or hummingbird with their fancy colors and updo's would compliment the whole ensemble. Let's face it, even when you do add a bird, he will have to coordinate with your look somehow. You're just to much of an artist not to have your bird match your outfit. Maybe you will need a whole flock so you can rotate them around like your handbag.

Sorry to ramble on. I had dinner last night in a beige restaurant and breakfast this morning in a beige committee dining room. All your colors are overstimulating me.

Lucy said...

don't tell jenny, but sometimes I think the midwest is a bit beige. (I still heart the midwest even in its beigeness).

ser, that's hilarious about your friend with the flower in her nose. My dad wouldn't even let me get my ears pierced but always jokingly said if I wanted a piercing I should just get a big nose-ring. I didn't think he imagined nose piercing would come into style. When he saw one of my high school friends with a nose ring, he got worried and took back the nose ring offer.