Friday, February 08, 2013

photo friday : blurry

We woke to large snowflakes lazily eddying past our widows, the river hidden in white. By now—or at 10:00 am when I've had time to sit and compose this post—the flakes are smaller and fall straight and quickly, like New Yorkers rushing off to work.

I have been busy, the reason this post is up so late today. Doctor appointments, teacher meetings, school tours, applications, worrying. Worrying is the most time consuming thing, just thinking through all the choices and possibilities takes far too much time. I want three choices, not twelve. I want one thing, not the many many things all thrown at me at once. Including the army of "no!"s that my son has found in his chest lately, making his feet too heavy to walk down the hall to wash his hands or take off his coat or put on his shoes or eat his dinner or say "please" or just not cry every time he wants what he cannot find.

I don't have enough time to write; there are things to do. So I post these few blurry photos... the first two were accidents, the last the result of me shooting one shot after another at the Museum of Natural History while the crowds walked through the Hall of Biodiversity. 

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Mark Janssen said...

You need a break. Or / and you may need to drop some of the less important deadlines, like Photo Friday?

I enjoy your writing but your photographs generally don't need comments or explanations.

I deleted my entire post this morning, after writing a wonderful essay on blurry and dance and rain and light and New Orleans. It was soooo good! Then I had to rush...